Engage Audiences with OptimaX's Innovative Technology

Engage audiences on any device, no matter where they are, with various compelling ad formats supported by programmatic advertising technology.

Standard Banner

Augmenting your ad strategy with the innovation of programmatic technology and engaging images or animations, allowing precise targeting of audience behavior.

Rich Media Banner

Fuel your creative spark with interactive and dynamic digital ads in a wide range of multimedia formats, elevating ad performance and fostering audience engagement.


Delivering non-intrusive ads that seamlessly integrate with the main content of a website, optimizing ad visibility while prioritizing audience comfort.

Push Notification Ads

Increasing viewability and engagement rates with push ads that display natively on users’ devices, providing a seamless digital journey with screen notifications and in-app inventory operation.

In Image Ads Format

Optimizing creative placements for maximum impact by segmenting content based on article images, content categories, and keywords, with a focus on positioning the primary visual element of the content.

Video OTT

Enhancing customer engagement with video, a compelling approach to connect with your target audience on a personal level and directly compete with TV content in terms of popularity.

Social Display Format

Utilizing digital programmatic inventories to distribute social media posts beyond social media platforms’ walled gardens and achieving cost efficiency, higher engagement, and familiar experiences.

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