Deliver Messages in Real-Time with OOH Solutions

OOH integrated with footprint technology solutions allows advertisers to captivate their audience’s attention through real-time dynamic messaging and interactive viewing experiences, enhancing conversion efforts and gaining a competitive edge.

Reaching All Over Indonesia

Reach consumers on the largest network of nationwide OOH screens. IMX has many spots of OOH available all over Indonesia to support local businesses to advertise on OOH inventory in nationwide.

Enhanced Tracking Technology

Enhanced with footprint technology, our OOH allows more specific audience targeting and improve the omnichannel experience.

No More Dealing with Multiple Partners

By aggregating and standardizing multiple OOH players, buying OOH media is as easy as choosing the locations.

Improved ROI

IMX OOH Platform offers comprehensive campaign reports and insight to provide advertisers with more visibility of their campaigns so that they can have proper measurements.

In Train Digital Screens

Coverage on all Jabodetabek routes, we offer 924 screens installed in 231 commuter line carriages.

LED & Videotron

With Digital OOH located in various points of interest, your campaign can effectively reach the right audience in multiple locations.

Our High-Tech Innovation

Footprint - Hyperlocation Targeting

Reach your audience that are currently at or at a certain radius (i.e. 1~5 km) of a specific location (e.g. banks, ATMs, malls) in real time.

Footprint - Audience Targeting

Target audience historically that have visited specific locations/areas of interest/buildings (e.g. banks, ATMs, malls) that you have set. Suitable for running Retargeting campaigns to strengthen your campaign messages.

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