Simplifying your
ad monetization process

Take full control of your monetization strategy to maximize revenue and provide a high-quality personalized ad experience for your audiences.

Integrating Your Inventory with World-Class Demand Partners Worldwide

IMX Monetization Platform-Easy to Integrate & Free

Our easy-to-integrate & free SPX Platform allows you to optimize mobile ad revenue of your sites & mobile apps by connecting to 450+ Demand Partners worldwide.

Full Transparency with Real Time Bidding

With Real Time Bidding from our platform you get full transparency over who’s bidding on your inventories and on what price per ad impression.

Full Control of Your Inventory

Decide the inventories you’d like to monetize, choose your preferred demand partners, and create Private Marketplace to increase mobile advertising revenue.

Easily Monetize Your Digital Assets

Maximize digital assets revenue by displaying contextual, engaging, high-quality, and non-intrusive ads.

User-Friendly Interface Customization

Pick the integration approach that works for you:

Free of Charge, A World-Class Ad Server

Our ad server ensures transparency, adaptability, and authority. We present a robust and costless server with enhanced control and greater influence to amplify your earnings by up to ~30%.

Omnichannel Approach

IMX transformed the mobile ad-tech landscape 15 years ago and now we offer omnichannel monetization solutions to support your business. You are able to maximize your earning potential with IMX’s cutting-edge toolset, tailored to suit diverse digital platforms, including website, mobile applications, and OTT/CTV advertising.

Our Marketplace

We provide a secure and transparent marketplace that connects publishers with trustworthy marketers and advertisers globally. Our experts and advanced AI technology work together to prevent fraud and deliver valuable insights for informed decision-making, ensuring a brand-safe user experience.

Programmatic Advertising Exchange
with Real-Time Bidding Integration

Our platform offers a range of options, including real-time open auction RTB, private exchange invitations, and programmatic direct deals such as programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals, to help you achieve optimal inventory monetization while also connecting with the world’s leading marketers. Our streamlined tools make it simple and hassle-free.

Our Valued Publishing Partners

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